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Finish 7 by Summer RESULTS

IMG_20160411_195011How did I do?

Honestly, not that great, but it was a first try at this concept and it made me more aware of what I have, what I use, and what I don’t use.

I finished the Me to We tea from David’s Tea and the Juicy Jay’s chocolate chip cookie dough incense. I hardly touched the other two teas and the book didn’t capture my attention – instead, books on computer programming did capture my attention, go figure! As for the makeup, I didn’t hit pan in any of the shades but I did get quite a bit of use out of the Quo pallet. The Pacifica pallet was difficult to use as the shades were so light I had to use  quite a bit of product for it to show up on my (ivory) skin tone.

What did I learn?

Although I love Pacifica products, these eyeshadows just didn’t do the trick for me. Instead of holding onto them forever, I’m going to pass on them and focus on something new. I love Mary Kay products so I think that’s where my next interest will come from.

The Quo eyeshadows were lovely but I found the whole thing quite bulky and difficult to travel with. So although there are shades that are reasonable to use year round, I didn’t take them travelling with me which meant that I didn’t use them for 1/3 of the time.

Tea is always lovely and I have way too much. I made a Tea Collection video (seen below)

so I think I might focus on one type of tea and run through it all, rather than to randomly pick a couple teas that I may or may not feel like drinking.


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April ElleBox






This was a wonderful box. The tea tasted fantastic  and bright, and it contained magnesium which is something my body needs right now. I have been getting cramps in my legs which is a sign of magnesium deficiency so being able to have a salt bath with a cup of wholesome tea was just wonderful. The candle smells very sweet, as it should as it is sugar cookie scented. The scent was not over powering, and instead it was just really nice. I found the flame to be quite large. I’m not sure if that was just my candle or if all of them are like that, so be careful about what you put it around. The bath salts smell like black licorice from the fennel, which is quite strong. I enjoyed it because I like that smell, but my mom took one sniff and said “no way.” And as always, I got the dark chocolate for my treat. I highly recommend this monthly subscription to anyone that would perk up from receiving a box of comfort items just in time for your period.

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