Finish 7 by Summer RESULTS

IMG_20160411_195011How did I do?

Honestly, not that great, but it was a first try at this concept and it made me more aware of what I have, what I use, and what I don’t use.

I finished the Me to We tea from David’s Tea and the Juicy Jay’s chocolate chip cookie dough incense. I hardly touched the other two teas and the book didn’t capture my attention – instead, books on computer programming did capture my attention, go figure! As for the makeup, I didn’t hit pan in any of the shades but I did get quite a bit of use out of the Quo pallet. The Pacifica pallet was difficult to use as the shades were so light I had to use  quite a bit of product for it to show up on my (ivory) skin tone.

What did I learn?

Although I love Pacifica products, these eyeshadows just didn’t do the trick for me. Instead of holding onto them forever, I’m going to pass on them and focus on something new. I love Mary Kay products so I think that’s where my next interest will come from.

The Quo eyeshadows were lovely but I found the whole thing quite bulky and difficult to travel with. So although there are shades that are reasonable to use year round, I didn’t take them travelling with me which meant that I didn’t use them for 1/3 of the time.

Tea is always lovely and I have way too much. I made a Tea Collection video (seen below)

so I think I might focus on one type of tea and run through it all, rather than to randomly pick a couple teas that I may or may not feel like drinking.


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