Angel With a Bullet

Angel With a Bullet by M.C. Grant (Grant McKenzie)

336 pages
2012, Midnight Ink
My Rating: 5/5

Description (source:  *shortened because of spoilers

A dab of romance and a truckload of trouble

As a wise-cracking reporter for San Francisco’s top alternative weekly, Dixie Flynn knows how to draw out a story. And she knows there is more behind the apparent suicide of her former lover, artist Diego Chino, than the police are letting on.


I absolutely loved this book! It is a crime/mystery novel featuring a female protagonist, Dixie, as she tries to figure out what happened to an artist that died suspiciously in his apartment. The catch is that Dixie is not an investigator or policewoman – instead, she is a journalist for a magazine. I thought this was interesting because it made her job feel a bit more likely to happen, and we often don’t see this kind of perspective.

Dixie’s personality is great. She is hilarious, rough around the edges, and has a true heart. She holds a strong sense of justice and gives everything she has for her kooky friends. The author really hit home with writing a female character despite being male himself, because he picked up on certain traits that I identified with.

The author is Scottish, so despite the city being set in San Francisco, there are quite a few Scots running around. This was fine by me (I am half Scottish) but it definitely added another dimension to the story. There weren’t any annoying accents, but there were a few words that felt like Scottish slang.

The writing is very cheeky and humorous. I laughed out loud constantly throughout the book at the jokes, awkward situations, and descriptions. Right off the bat in Chapter 1, Dixie is counting boyfriends instead of sheep to go to sleep and it is hilarious. The prologue is dark, and although it is obviously related to the rest of the story, the tone clashes with Dixie’s character quite a bit. It is key to the story, so I wouldn’t suggest skipping it (it is only 2 pages long anyways).

The plot is well spaced out and there are several sub-plots that are all interesting in their own rights. The situations Dixie gets herself into are scary and realistic. What happens to her feels like it could happen to me. The author didn’t sugarcoat anything and he didn’t leave plot holes.

As for the ending? It was great! It was realistic, had a great twist, and tied together really well.

I highly recommend this book! A great light read with fun, likable characters, and an intriguing mystery. I was fortunate enough to meet the author and hear about the book for the first time. I’m really looking forward to the sequel, Devil With a Gun, whenever that may come out.



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