Re-Reading Harry Potter

It has been quite a long time, so I am re-reading the Harry Potter series. I have such fond memories of these books and it has been long enough that I have forgotten the itty bitty details of the books. Plus, I have only read the last book ONCE and I just flew through it in order to be able to discuss it with friends. I know I missed a lot of details, so I am excited to rediscover all of them again!

I was in Grade 6 when my friend Catherine first read Harry Potter. As far as I could tell, she was the only person in our class that read that book and she told me it was soooooo good. This was right around the time the second book came out, so I eventually read the first book and I was hooked! In Grade 8, the entire school went to the theatre to watch the first movie and it was amazing to be in a place with so many fans at one point. I think everyone except my brother loved HP.

I just wish Pottermore would hurry up and let me join! I want to be in Ravenclaw… my greatest fear is being a Hufflepuff, eeps!


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  1. My greatest fear is being a gryffindor! haha! I think hufflepuff is cool!

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