Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

302 pages
2006,  Hyperion 
Genre: vampires, young adult, fantasy

My Rating: 3/5

This book is more of a broad introduction than anything else for me. It introduces the vampire way of life, family names, and what it is like to become a vampire. These wealthy vampires add the aspect of frequent brand-name references and what we speculate the lives of celebrities must feel like. I felt the book dragged for the most part, but began to get better near the end. It set up the sequel quite nicely. The writing itself felt a bit choppy in the beginning but later in the book it either got better or I got used to it. It was a decent read but I was expecting more.

The main character’s name is Schuyler, which I found a bit odd to figure out how to pronounce. It was distracting. Another character had the name Jack Force, and anyone with the name Jack needs to blow me out of the water or be forgotten. There was a real mixture of memorable and forgettable characters. I will read the sequel, but I’m not racing out of the house to get to it.


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