Welcome everyone! This is my fancy new reading blog. I will be posting reviews, book discussions, goals, and anything else book related that I see fit. I hope you will enjoy yourself as you join me on my journey into reading! 🙂

To start, the next post will be my December To Be Read (TBR) list, which will demonstrate all the books that I am planning to read during the month of December. Reviews for the books will occur shortly after I finish reading the book (generally 1-2 days) but a video review will only be done for the books I really enjoyed. In some cases there may be both a written and a video review, but the written reviews will likely be more elaborate.

I will be on holiday for the last two weeks of December, so no posts will be done during that time. However, the schedule of events will become much more routine beginning in January.

If you have any suggestions for what you feel should appear on this blog or for books you think I might enjoy, please leave a comment below. Thanks again for stopping by!




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4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hmmm… I wonder what you will be reading?? We can be blog buddies now, btw.

  2. Kat

    The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova: character driven, very descriptive and atmospheric
    Have fun reading and blogging.

  3. Hi Crystal,

    You just posted on my ongoing review of “The Hunger Games” triology at: bloodstainedink.wordpress.com. Thought I’d do you the return favor. Took a look at your list of books for the upcoming year. Have you ever read anything by Douglas Coupland? He is the Canadian author that actually coined the phrase “Generation X.” If you interested, I would highly recommend (in no particular order): “Generation X,” “Life After God,” “Polaroids from the Dead,” “Microserfs” and “Hey Nostradamus.” Again, thanks for stopping by. And if you liked what you saw, feel free to come around. The whole blog is centered on culture; and books are a huge part of that.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have only read one book by Douglas Coupland which was Microserfs and I enjoyed it very much. I had forgotten about him, so thank you for reminding me! Microserfs was a lot of fun to read so I’ll check out his other works for sure.

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